Kitten with jaw injury teaches fearful sister to trust people

This is one of those stories that makes you believe in true friendship! Two rescued kittens with different personalities and difficult fates have found each other – now they are thick as thieves.

Two months ago Chester, a redhead, was brought to Wrenn Rescues in California, where he ended up in caring hands.

Apart from some health problems due to his street life, the kitten’s lower jaw was hanging down. The first thing the vets noticed was that for this reason, he was purring very loudly. “We couldn’t hear his heartbeat during the examination because of the loud purring,” the staff said.
After Chester underwent corrective surgery, he was taken into temporary care by local resident Mel Lamprey.

After the operation, the cat was fitted with a small metal structure and lost four teeth, but bravely endured it all!

The loud purring continued after the operation – it was Chester’s highlight. The foster mum said: “He is a wonderful, sweet, affectionate and very grateful kitty. You can’t just walk into a room without getting a happy greeting and a dose of loud purring from Chester!”
Meanwhile, Bitty was brought to the same animal rescue centre.

Unlike Chester, Beatty was withdrawn, afraid of people and would not let anyone near her. Her paws were missing a few toes and her tail and ear were skinned. “We can only guess what happened to her,” said a centre worker.

After a check-up at the vet, the kitten joined the family who took Chester in. The two kittens had very different personalities – Chester, full of love and excitement, and the fearful, sad Beatty.

The kitty didn’t seem to care as much about people as animals. But Chester was determined to win her attention by all means. Every day he tried to get closer and closer to befriending her.

One day Beatty became very ill and was rushed to the vet clinic, where she was found to have an infection on her injured paws. After a few days in the clinic, they took her home.

“The moment she saw Chester, she immediately ran to him. He bathed her in his purrs, and it was as if he accepted Beatty and she accepted him,” Mel recalls.

Since then, the friendly couple has become a real gang: they play, cuddle and sleep together. Chester is protective of Beatty. Often when she hears a sudden loud noise or is startled by something, she immediately runs to him. When Chester is picked up by the owner or he is not around, Beatty cries and looks for her protector.

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